To Sign Up for Autopay:

Please select the number of sessions per week that you have elected.
All payments will be credited to your account.
If sessions are missed, you can make up your session
or receive a full refund upon request - click here.

Sessions per week

You will receive an email from PayPal when a payment has been made.
You can view all completed session & payment information on your child's file,
at the link provided to you (please request the link if you do not have one - click here).
To cancel or change your subscription:

1.  Log into PayPal.
2.  Go to "Profile", click on "My Money" in the menu. *If using the new PayPal layout, you will first need to click on the head in the upper right corner.
3.  Find "My preapproved payments", and click "update".
4.  Click on "Reading Specialists of Long Island".
5.  Under "Subscription Details", click on "cancel". You will see a warning.
6.  Click "Cancel Profile", you will receive an email telling you that your subscription has been cancelled.
7.  At this point you can re-subscribe, if you wish.

For RSLI Clients who elect to purchase sessions without "autopay", click here.

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